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Submitted on
April 9, 2013


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Announcement: I was discussing it with my parents earlier today and throughout the month of August, I'll be taking a trip back home with them to spend time with my family. While I will have internet access, it will be heavily limited, thus I might not be able to give out contest prizes in time. So, to remedy such a situation, I have decided to cut the deadline. I really, really don't want to do this, but I have no choice. I do not want to leave any winners waiting. So, as of 05/11/13, the new deadline for my contest is July 28, 2013.

O hai there.

In the midst of reading a chapter for my class tomorrow, I came up with the brilliant idea to hold a contest. This is my first one, so the prizes won't be spectacular, but hopefully they'll attract some interest! Your subject is none other than the titular stated gal, Magnolia, my OC:

commission: Magnolia II by iraskCommission : Illia Sailor Dress by kopianget

She'll be your thoroughly unenthusiastic subject to doodle as you please. If more references are required, please ask via comments, and I'll update this journal entry as need be. So get to crackin' artists, I'd like to see what you will come up with!

But wait, Nana-Blank! How do I enter?

That is very simple, ambiguous-voice-meant-to-represent-possible-entrants! Comment on this journal entry relaying your interest. I will note your username on a word document and reply thanking you, but don't take it as an expectation to suddenly fling out a drawing for me! You can show interest and not enter. I will understand. This is just for me because I am a meathead who likes word documents and usernames.

Allll right! I've decided your OC fits my standards and I'll give her a draw. Am I limited to any medium?

Of course not! Be your entry a sketch, full blown CG masterpiece, or a smudge of red sauce on a used napkin that kinda looks like Magnolia, I don't care! I am judging primarily on creativity, so all mediums are accepted. Even literature, but I will elaborate on that later. Before asked, traced bases are prohibited UNLESS it is original by an artist on deviantART and you've received permission to use it. If you enter a pixel piece, please provide a link to the deviant's profile page and visible proof they allowed you to.

Who are the judges?

Just me, so you've only one party to impress.

Ah mah gad, what about a deadline?!

This contest will be running for a rather good while, ambiguous-voice-meant-to-represent-possible-entrants. Your deadline is July 28, 2013 to give people enough time to finish any entry they're working on.

By the great Leviathan, I've finished! How do I let you know?

Note me your entry and include the thumbnail in said note. I ask that all entries be uploaded to deviantART so I can favorite them. Once again, this is just to make finding and judging them easier.

Woo, I wanna draw agaaaain!

While I'd like to revel in your enthusiasm, I'd suggest on drawing one entry. The reason being is because a.) I know everyone is busy with real life circumstances and pouring your effort into one piece is better than scattering your concentration on several and b.) entering more doesn't up your chances. I'm looking for creativity over skill and the more thought that goes into an entry, the likelier chance you'll strum my heartstrings and win. I am not preventing you from doing so, just suggesting it, so do whatever you want.

Wait, Nana-Blank! I don't care about your OC, what are the PRIZES?

Ah, the meat and potatoes of this here contest. I know this is what everyone is looking for, so without further adieu, everyone will be competing for the top three places and point amounts:

First Place: 600 :points:
Second Place: 400 :points:
Third Place: 300 :points:

Have some patience, woman! Didn't you mention something about literature?

That's right! I will also be accepting forms of literature such as free verse poems, proses, songs, et cetera about my OC. However, this is a more limited section of the contest because there is only one placing. All items apply to this part too, my only added minimum is that proses should be at least 300 words long. Be sure to read up on Magnolia's personality so you can have a better feel and grasp on her character: Contest Extra - Magnolia's PersonalityMagnolia presents herself as a cordial lady. She greets every individual who graces her presence with lovely manners that were seared into her personality by her mother. She takes moments in stride, never rushing even when it is required of her. Even towards confrontations when one challenges her, she chooses to remain pessimistic and shrug off any hostile instigation with a light chortle.
It doesn't matter who you are, what you are, what you have done or haven't done, Magnolia will be there for you to rant to, ask for advice about something, or just strike up a little chat with. The student finds herself to have an certain attachment with other beings and believes the only way to exploit that bond is with conversation. By chit-chatting with others, Magnolia believes she opens up new doors to finding out more of what makes a person who they are and how they're special. This also ticks along with her curious nature. Everyone has a story and Magnolia most certainly wants to hear yours. T
Your prize will be the below if you win:

First Place: 300 :points:

I can't enter. Can I do something else to help you out?

Oh, how kind of you~ If you wish, you can re-post this journal entry to hopefully help me attract some attention. I'm not really well known, y'see, and would love to get a plethora of entries to choose from!

If I am forgetting anything, please mention it in the comments below. This is my first contest, as I've said, and tried not to mess up. Thanks to those who enter!

Prizes are subject to change depending on the amount of entries. The more, the merrier, as they say.

Entries can be seen here:….
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dmnngn Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2013
Hello, I'm not sure if I'm late or not (it's already 28/07/2013 here).

Here is my entry:…

Thank you :)
Nana-Blank Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2013
Nope, you're not late! Just on time (still 07/27 here). Thanks for your entry!
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